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Landscape Paintings

Landscape art involves a coherent composition of natural scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers etc. The art of landscape drawing has two main traditions namely, one involving detailed landscape such as sky and weather and the other not involving a detailed landscape. As a spectacular landscape instigates intense emotions in the minds of an observer, the same intense emotions can be generated in the minds of an artist drawing a spectacular landscape. In order to retain the same intense emotions one has to be selective taking case to include only the strong elements. Also one should have the imagination skill of rearranging the elements in the landscape and last but not the least to paint less detail in the background thereby taking case to make the foreground more spectacular. Proper mixing of colors also adds to the beauty of the landscape art. No doubt beauty lies in the eyes of the observer.

Following are the landscape paintings online ebooks or pdf tutorials available in web.
  1. Basics of Landscape Painting by M. Stephen Doherly
  2. Paths to Impressionism: French and American Landscape Paintings from the Worcester Art Museum 
  3. LANDSCAPE PAINTING: Artists Who Love the Land 
  4. Landscape Painting by Bridge Harrison 
  5. Carlson's Guide to landscape painting By John F Carlson 
  6. Landscape Painting Inside and Out: Capture the Vitality of Outdoor Painting in Your Studio with Oils By Kevin MacPherson 
  7. Philosophy of Landscape Painting By William M. Bryant 
  8. The Art of Landscape Painting in Oil Colour By Alfred East 
  9. Landscape painting of ancient China
  10. Representing place: landscape painting and maps By Edward S. Casey 
  11. The theory and practice of landscape painting in water-colours By George Barnard 
  12. Chinese Landscape Painting as Western Art History By James Elkins
  13. “Beyond Borders”: Rabindranath Tagore’s Paintings and Visva-Bharati By Amrit Sen 

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